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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Interim post - USING BEETROOT

If you have never eaten home-grown beetroot straight from plot to plate (with a little preparation in between) you are missing a real treat. 

Tips for preparation can be found by clicking on the RECIPE page above.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Summer Reading

Holiday tasks for a stay-at-home gardener need not mean continually slaving outdoors. Why not read a good gardening book? Or organise your bookshelf – a job that is always productive, as tidying your books or cataloguing them acts as a good reminder of what you have and why you bought them in the first place! Renew your acquaintance with your library.

Or add to it:  a fascinating new book hot off the press earlier this year was ‘Veg Street’ by energetic gardener and author, Naomi Schillinger. Published by Short Books and subtitled ‘Grow Your Own Community’, Naomi outlines how she got together with her urban neighbours to start a community gardening scheme. Today, the scheme has more than 100 residents who have turned their front gardens over to growing fruit and veg, and edible flowers. There’s lots of help on how and what to grow; so many ideas that this remarkable book is likely to become a street bible. Cities and Suburbia will never be the same! Buy it online by clicking on this link.

A Voice from the Past: Elizabeth David was a celebrated cook and writer, living in France, Italy, Greece, Egypt and India, learning the local dishes and cooking them in her own kitchens. At a time when British cooking was lacking in the cosmopolitan aspects we have come to know today, her books (the first published in 1950) brought a breath of possibility into the lives of so many cooks. To coincide with the centenary of Elizabeth David’s birth, Quadrille have brought together a collection of over 100 of her irresistible vegetable recipes in ‘Elizabeth David on Vegetables’, accompanied by sumptuous colour photography. Published in May 2013, you can buy it online by clicking on this link.

I will be adding to this 'bookshelf' over the next few days, so do please re-visit this post. Indeed, to make it easier for you do follow my infrequent postings, I have added a link top right whereby you can be notified by email whenever I create new content.